For years we wished New Bern had a destination restaurant, but each time a new place showed promise, it failed to live up to expectations. All that is changed now. Persimmons is the real deal.

This weekend we arrived early, after Christmas shopping, and found our reservation included a "Reserved" sign at our table. This said the reservation really meant something to the restaurant. We were seated right away and met by a very well trained staff. Everything they did was just right. We had attentive, but not hovering service and each request was nicely handled.

The food was just as we expected. We shared the oyster appetizer. The local oysters were beautifully done. A lovely dish. For dinner, I ordered lamb and my wife had duck. Both dishes were expertly prepared and cooked exactly as promised. The side vegetables were perfect. The portions were just enough to satisfy without a stuffed feeling. The wine was fairly priced and the selection was nice for the dishes we ordered.

The decor is very attractive, but the room is a bit loud. Everything is clean and modern.

The food is wonderful and they try to buy local and use organic. The location is on the water so you can even come up on your boat. You may want to make reservations in the evening. Sometimes they have live music upstairs.

Fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Food was well cooked - veggies still crisp, m/rare filet was m/rare - our server was personable and efficient. Love that much of the menu is locally produced products. Deck side dining is available with amazing views of the confluence of Neuse river.

Great river side atmosphere. Excellent use of local foods and produce. Wait staff is excellent. The menu is imaginative and seasonal. Best I have seen in this town.

This is just what New Bern needed--an expansive, well-executed waterfront restaurant with lots of indoor and outdoor dining spaces.We ate there last night for the first time and enjoyed our meal and the view. What's not to like? A perfect water view, friendly, professional service and clean, Asian-inspired decor with lots of wood and modern design.My husband was happy with his crab cake burger (the roll was high quality Kaiser-type), the table next to us was raving over their Calamari appetizer and Bear Burgers.I wasn't super-hungry, so I ordered the Asian Chicken Sesame Kabobs over Soba noodles. This needed more spices--I suggest some ginger, perhaps some garlic, and the sesame seeds weren't in evidence, so this was a bit bland, needed some brightening up. My side of Sweet Potato Fries were yummy, and I was happy with my glass of white wine, though the pour was a bit scanty for the $6.00. A minor quibble. This new restaurant is already a star and reservations are well-advised--especially for the deck space--which is delightful. Persimmons is a happy addition to New Bern's dining scene.

I met a charming chef via private catering months ago whom turned me on to the happenings on the New Bern waterfront. I've been to Persimmons 1 time so far and will give my take on the visit. The structure and view is absolutely gorgeous not to be compared to any other eatery in craven county for sure. My first visit was on a tuesday lunch I believe it was the first week they were open me and my colleague ordered a brisket sandwich & a turkey burger. The food took a little time to arrive and our server seemed hurried & confused but the sandwiches were delicious and worthy of the wait. You could instantly tell that the burger was hand patted not some machine processed run of the mill patty. It was cooked properly and had a hint of curry & maybe garlic ? My colleague was ecstatic with her brisket sandwich and deemed the peach BBQ sauce was definitely made on the premises not from the can. You could see actual chunks of peaches within the sauce and the portion was very hearty.I definitely plan to return soon for dinner and now with a month's worth of experience I'm sure they have remedied some of the initial flaws in service.This is a place full of splendor & potential I look forward to supporting it.

I travel the east coast extensively and stumbled upon Persimmons last week for dinner with 3 business associates.The building is a visual delight the outside as well as the inside decor.The atmosphere was light & very energetic with a very gregarious server who was attentive & efficient.The menu was well thought out with classic standards that had a twist from the norm. Take for example our app. It was a calamari that was dusted lightly in what I think was rice flour and maybe cayenne pepper? The rice flour gives the calamari a new texture that accentuates the the whole experience it was also coupled with a spicy aioli instead of the cliche marinara or tartar sauce. Delicious is the only word to sum up this dish. Time constraints today to be continued.

New Bern really does have a limited amount of dining options. Persimmons is an excellent new restaurant that serves TASTY meals from burgers to seafood to salads. very healthy and all local/organic. I highly recommend this restaurant.


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